About Us

Superior Solutions International, LLC (SSI) consists of partners with diverse expertise in Oil & Gas, Finance, Start Up Businesses, Turn Around, and Strategic Relationships. The Partners of SSI were first introduced to Superior Products International’s (SPI) thermal and corrosion control technologies. After due diligence into the chemistry and engineering behind these technologies and a very positive recommendation from independent world class material scientists, it was decided to work with SPI as a major domestic and international distributor for their products. Since that time, SSI has and continues to work with domestic and international giants, as well as small businesses around the world.  Click here for a list of some of our clients.


Companies Represented:

Superior Products International, LLC – Superior Solutions Int. (SPI) is a twenty-five-year-old company out of Kansas City known as an R&D pioneer in the development of revolutionary technologies centered on corrosion and thermal control coatings. SPI was founded and is still owned by Mr. JE Pritchett. SPI’s coatings have been used and approved by the US Department of Energy (DOE), US Army Corp of Engineers, the US Federal Highway Dept., several State DOTs, and throughout the Oil & Gas industry as alternative technologies for providing cost effective and longer lasting asset protection and thermal/heat/energy control (both radiant and conductive up to and over 1200F). Products can be found by clicking here.

Pro Guard Coatings, LLC – Pro Guard Coatings (PGC) is a twenty-five-year-old company based in Denver, PA. PGC is owned by Mr. Hal Gueldner, a petroleum engineer who has devoted his career to developing technical coatings in the areas of industrial roof and flooring protection. Mr. Gueldner collaborated with Dr. Aspet Merijanian (a PHD in chemical engineering with 22 patents while at Uniroyal) in 1989 to design a formula for an ambient cure Liquid EPDM. This technology is a breakthrough product that can be applied over any existing roofing material creating a new seamless, hydrophobic (water-proof) membrane that is warranted for protection from ponding water and severe hail. Compared to other existing roof coatings, PGC’s Liquid EPDM (Super Coat) is a true EPDM with the same chemical make-up and benefits of EPDM roll up membrane, BUT without the seams or the costly and laborious installation.


Our Partners Include:

Mr. Ben Hambleton (Managing Partner) – background in Banking, Oil & Gas, Real Estate Development, and Retail

Mr. Robert Braswell (Managing Partner) – background in Commercial Transportation, Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Ranching, and Banking

Mr. Scott Yenzer (Managing Partner) – background in International and Domestic Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Infrastructure, Mining, Food and Beverage. Mr. Yenzer has held executive positions at Fortune 500 companies.

Mr. John Warkentin (Managing Partner) – background in Oil & Gas, Banking, Company Start Ups, Real Estate

Mr. William Callan – Partner – background in Oil & Gas, Commercial Transportation and Ranching

Mr. TJ Anderson – Partner – background in Oil & Gas Pipeline Protection, International Business Development, and Business Turn Around