Hot Pipe Coating

HPC (Hot Pipe Coating) is a ceramic, non-conductive, coating that was designed and engineered by SPI as The 22nd Century thermal control alternative to older methods of heat containment. HPC can be applied directly over hot pipes and surfaces (over 1200F/550C) without the need for equipment shutdown.

HPC eliminates the problem of CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation) that plagues many international industries. By using HPC, industries reduce their energy consumption (and thermal footprint), increase equipment life cycles and reduce costs adding significantly to bottom line revenues.

HPC greatly reduces employee’s risk of thermal exposure. PPE (Example: 900F/ 370C flanges at Coker Plant in New Orleans reduced to 140F after application of 1 1/2” of HPC).

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The HOT PIPE COATING insulation method is totally different than the traditional “wrap” insulation materials that only slow down the loss of heat.

HOT PIPE COATING's unique blend of eight ceramic compounds create a barrier to catch and hold heat on the surface of the unit (e.g. pipe, furnace surface, boiler, etc.) Unlike wraps that use air as the insulation component, the ceramic compounds in HOT PIPE COATING resist the absorption of heat trying to come off the surface. HOT PIPE COATING traps and holds the heat onto the surface for more effective insulation performance.

HOT PIPE COATING has a combination of highly effective specially designed high-temperature resins. This coating will dry slowly by evaporation and can be aided in the dry down by adding high heat to the environment.


HOT PIPE COATING uses a special acrylic resin blend with specific ceramic compounds added to provide a non-conductive block against heat transfer. HOT PIPE COATING offers a “Green”, non-flammable, non-toxic formula for high temperature surface applications.

HOT PIPE COATING has been successfully tried and tested throughout the world and has received numerous certificates to substantiate its effectiveness and reliability. For updated SDS and/or further documents regarding these different test results please contact us.

HOT PIPE COATING, with its immediate adhesion, is designed to control heat transfer on surface temperatures up to 370°C or 900°F. Please find below a few selected references from our Global Database intended to show the type of application, solution and markets in which HOT PIPE COATING has successfully been applied:

Chemical Strainer 

International Beer Brewer

International Petrochemical Company

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