ProGuard Super Coat’s (Liquid EPDM) main benefit (sprayed or rolled over any existing roofing material) is that there are NO SEAMS! The only weak point to a rolled EPDM is the seamed areas. Super Coat Liquid EPDM eliminates this major weakness. ProGuard’s Super Coat (Liquid EPDM) is the same chemical composition as Rolled EPDM which makes it far superior in both durability, weatherability and as a true water proof membrane compared to all other types of roof coatings and rolled membranes.

Where did this come from? 

Through the advanced chemistry possible in liquid form, EPDM could be UV enhanced, made more temperature tolerant (-40F to 400F), and made resistant to oils and grease (an important factor for restaurant applications and not a benefit of rolled EPDM). ProGuard’s Super Coat Liquid EPDM is extremely cost effective compared to all other forms of roofing materials.

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Professional EPDM Supercoat F9951

Professional EPDM SupercoatTM is a catalyzed liquid applied EPDM Rubber Coating that cures at ambient temperatures above 50°F. The coating can achieve dry films up to 40 mils in a one coat application. The physical properties of Professional EPDM SupercoatTM have been optimized for cure, adhesion to many substrates, tensile strength and surface properties including solar reflectance.

Professional EPDM Supercoat is the culmination of over 20 years of Liquid EPDM Coating development. Recent breakthroughs in raw material development have greatly enhanced the attributes of this coating.

> Superior Weathering

> Chemical and Ponding Water Resistance

> Wide Temperature Range

> One coat application

> Ideal coating for almost any type of substrate

One coat application on Substrates that do not need Proflex Primer®

> EPDM, TPO, PVC and Hypalon Membranes

> Coil Coated and Galvalume Metal

> Concrete & Brick

Substrates that require Proflex Primer®

> Built up Asphalt flat roofs

> Modified Asphalt Roll Roofing

> Cold Applied Asphalt Coatings

> Fiber Cement and porous Composite Materials

Additional benefits provided by Professional EPDM SupercoatTM

> Excellent corrosion protection of steel in humid, marine and chemical environments.

> May be used as a tank liner for vessels containing acidic or basic liquids of less than 50% concentrations.

> Indefinite resistance to ponding water.


Chemical Description Ethylene, Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber Cure System Two component Peroxide initiated

Weight/gal 8.37 pounds (w/catalyst)

Volume Solids 65.66%

Tensile Strength 1085 psi

Fresh Heat Aged

Elongation at break 62% 63%

Modulus at 50% 957 psi 970 psi

Shore D 20

Shore A 74

Spread Rate 47 sq. ft. /gal at 20 mil dry film

Permeability to water 0.1 perm

Weatherometer pass 3000 hrs. (ASTM D4459-8-03)

Peel Adhesion 8.2 pounds per linear inch on EPDM

Chemical Resistance Cured coating resists alcohols, keytones, polar solvents, phosphates, Skidrol, acids and alkali solutions in less than

50% concentrations Pot Life 3-6 hrs. depending on temperature

Cure Rate 6 hrs. to touch; 20 hrs. to walk on @ 70°F.

Thinner Xylene, Naptha, Mineral Spirits

Brittle Point -62°F

Heat Resistance 302°F (150° C) continuous exposure

VOC 252 gr/liter (2.1 lb/gal)  (LOW VOC SuperCoat also available)

> Complies with SCAQMD & other Air Quality Districts VOC limits.


Please find below a few selected references from our Global Database intended to show the type of application, solution and markets in which our different Proguard PRODUCTS have successfully been applied:

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